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You can't return a bad vacation to the store, but you CAN work with an expert travel advisor to ensure your needs are met and your dreams come true. Make the most of your precious time and treasure, and work with a YDIV travel advisor today! Have the time of your life!

YDIV Bespoke Travel
Advisor Services

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It all starts with our research and design methodology*. Here's how it works:

  • 30 minute consultation call • Fully detailed proposal along with notes and comments, and any alternative choices you should be aware of
  • Up to 3 rounds of revision based on your feedback
  • Full trip management including booking, confirming, and triple checking all the details of your trip
  • Access to our extensive network of exclusive travel providers
  • Concierge services, like dining and spa reservations
  • Support via phone and email leading up to and during travel to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues on the ground
  • An app with all pertinent information and documents for you to access on the go
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"Mallory has been absolutely amazing to work with! She's been the absolute definition of professionalism and exceptional client service. She expertly managed our travel every step of the way and when the unfortunate circumstances of Covid-19 occurred, she also immediately pivoted and secured a new date for us and all of our guests.”

Adam C.
from New York, NY

Traveled to Montego Bay - Jamaica - Caribbean

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As travel advisors, we take a consultative approach to your vacation. We're more than just people who book travel; we're here throughout every step of dreaming, planning, departure, adventure, and return.

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Planning a honeymoon, a girls' weekend, or an epic adventure? It all starts with your dreams. We listen to your goals, marry them with your budget and timeframe, and off you go!

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With a YDIV travel advisor curating your vacation experience, you can dial your anxiety all the way down to zero. We'll handle every detail, from large to teeny-tiny (but still crucial!).

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