Creating Unforgettable Holiday Memories: Cruise Celebrations for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and More


Cruising is a perfect time to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bachelors, bachelorettes, honeymoons, family reunions, and even class reunions. When talking about major holidays most people stick with the traditional family celebration at Grandma’s house. Let’s think about starting new holiday traditions. Why not have Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s on a cruise ship?

When the fall season hit, we spend countless hours going from the garage or attic to the inside of the house the outside of the house and decorating every inch for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then the biggest decorating event for most people is Christmas. It is all so time-consuming and tiring but it doesn’t have to be.

Year after year we follow our family traditions, but we can always start a new family tradition. Start a tradition of creating memories without stressing yourself out. I love to decorate for the holidays as much as anyone but why not leave all the decorating, the party planning, the cooking, and cleaning to someone else?  Why not have a stress-free and fun holiday aboard a cruise ship? Almost all major cruise lines that cruise from the US will decorate, and have activities and food geared toward the holidays.

Love Halloween? First steps on a cruise ship in October the ship decorations will be everywhere. More than the decorations, the entertainment, trivia, spooky special desserts, and probably one of the biggest costumes contests you will ever attend. Everything you love about Halloween is on board, even when you walk down the hallway to your room you are bound to pass a room with a bucket full of candy with instructions to take one. Disney cruise lines even host a special Trick or Treat event for children of all ages to participate.  

How about a Thanksgiving lunch of jerk chicken and relaxing on the beach when the third Thursday of the month is a port day in the Grand Cayman or the Bahamas? You can enjoy your port day and later that evening sit down in the main dining room for a traditional Thanksgiving meal or not. Have some pizza or wings and watch all the big games by the pool. Think about it, not dishes to wash just an evening stroll on deck. All the cleanup is left to someone else.   I have done a Halloween cruise and even a special 4th of July cruise with Fireworks in the San Francisco Bay, the bay was full of boats waiting for the fireworks to begin, and to be on the biggest of them all with the loudest horn was amazing. What I am looking forward to very soon is my first time on a cruise ship in December. I cannot wait to see the Christmas decorations and the events that await me. It’s not too late to book a Christmas cruise this year, but it is the perfect time to make plans for new memories in 2024.

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