Cruise: Some Like It Hot


Summer may be over, but the cruise season is endless. Many people love to cruise the Caribbean and the Mediterranean in the heart of the summer, but summer heat and crowds may not be for everyone. Fall and winter cruising is often the perfect time for solo travelers, girls, or guys trips, and even couples traveling without children. 

​Temperatures in the Caribbean are usually milder than July and August, but still warm and comfortable for hitting the beach. Fall and winter sailings have many added benefits. Off-season cruising brings less crowded ships, and fewer school-age children on board, not to mention if there is a cruising deal to be found, it is usually in the fall and winter. 

​The lure of cruising in the off-season is not limited to the Caribbean, there is no better time to sail the Mediterranean. Cruising in the summer months in Europe, especially the Med,can be insane. Europeans vacation in droves during the summer months and add in cruisers from the US and Canada and that means overcrowded ships and ports. There is that sweet spot before the temperatures change in the Med and most Europeans are back to work and children have returned to school. Of course, a travel advisor knows the best times and cruise lines to book.

​I started this with “Some Like it Hot” but many don’t. Like I said, cruising is year-round and sometimes vacation can only be taken in summer months, but you can still get away from the heat, I mean really get away. Why not head to one of the most incredible destinations on the planet? Summer is perfect for Alaska. I suggest getting away from the heat but not freezing in the process. 

​Cruising is a year-round venture, and a cruising expert is the best person to navigate cruising waters.

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