Discovering Paradise: Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic


What started off as a quick 4 night trip turned into 7 days of pure magic. Honestly, I have never been a fan of the Dominican Republic but that is because I didn’t know about any area other than Punta Cana. Welcome to Cayo Levantado, located in Semana, DR, a slice of heaven that shattered all preconceived notions about the Dominican Republic. If you thought this tropical paradise was just Punta Cana and uninspiring cuisine, think again. Cayo Levantado is here to redefine your perception of luxury and cultural exploration.

A Paradisiacal Surprise

My trip to Cayo Levantado was initially planned for a short four-night stay. However, fate had something more magical in store. Due to a hurricane in the Atlantic, the waters were temporarily closed. Faced with the choice of cutting my trip short or extending my stay, I chose the latter, and it was undeniably the best decision I made as a travel advisor.

The island welcomed me with open arms, offering an Ocean View Junior Suite with a private plunge pool—a room that embodied spaciousness and elegance. Cayo Levantado beckoned with its breathtaking beaches and pools, featuring a variety of seating styles. From lounging in the pool to oversized poofs by the beach, the options were as diverse as the experiences that awaited.

Gastronomic Delights

Every meal at Cayo Levantado was a culinary masterpiece. The resort boasts an array of dining experiences, from room service to a la carte and curated tasting menus. Each dish was a delicious revelation, a testament to the care and passion put into crafting exceptional flavors. The same attention to detail extended to their drinks, as I discovered from Ernesto, the resident Mixologist, whose concoctions were nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Active Mornings, Serene Evenings

Mornings at Cayo Levantado were an opportunity to embrace the plethora of activities on offer. Whether it was a fitness session led by David or a Yubarta experience guided by Alex, each activity was unique and special. The gym was exceptionally well-equipped, allowing for invigorating workouts. Personal training sessions with David were a highlight, pushing me to achieve fitness goals while maintaining encouragement and motivation.

Yubarta, an ethereal sanctuary, offered a tranquil escape. Despite not being a regular meditator, the peaceful ambiance of Yubarta instantly put me at ease. Alex’s expertise and calming energy made the sound healing class a euphoric experience. And the Wim Hof Ice Bath? A transformative adventure that I wholeheartedly recommend—truly a fairytale within a fairytale.

Insider’s Guide: Pro Tips

To make the most of your Cayo Levantado adventure, here are a few insider tips:

  • Indulge in a memorable dinner at Senda.
  • Embrace relaxation at the spa, even if it’s just for Hydro Therapy.
  • Take advantage of the support from your Ambassadors—they’re there to enhance your experience.

The Enchanting Return

Cayo Levantado has woven its magic around my heart, leaving me eager to share this paradise with my esteemed clients and excited to return with friends. It’s a destination where luxury meets culture, where the taste buds dance with joy, and where every moment is a celebration of life.

Your journey to Cayo Levantado awaits, a haven of wonders beyond the shores of Punta Cana. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and let the magic of the Dominican Republic captivate your soul.